Immersion with dancers by Shoshana @bwaySHO.jpg
 Edison, dir. Sandy Doria  Apr 2016 – Aug 2017  The life, career, and brutally stolen dreams of mastermind Nikola Tesla culminate in this genre-bent play, sponsored by one of the biggest assholes in history, Thomas Alva Edison. Featuring Tesla: troubled genius and brilliant inventor, and Edison: cunning businessman and crook, Edison brings to light this true story based on the life of the original electrical wizard. Conflicted between financial gain or the grace of invention, Tesla discovers that the greatest finale may ultimately be an erasure from the history books via a ride on a golden disco ball with his beloved Pigeon by his side.  Birthed as a workshop in a small dance studio, a playwright, designer, and directress build a process that equally synthesizes the work of all three.   The outcome was an ever-changing piece that took shape in new landscapes and incorporated the work of more than 60 artists across mediums. Notable productions include  Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Prague Fringe, Manchester Fringe, Buxton Fringe, and the International Youth Arts Festival.  #edisonisalie.  photo by Paola Nogueras  Written by Joshua Logan Walker Lighting, Video, Sound Design - Bryan Schall Choreography - Hannah Sandler Costume Design - Melissa Treshock Music Direction and Composition - Kirstyn Ballard