Sandy Doria is a theatre artist interested in creating and developing new work as well as invigorating the old through experimental modes of storytelling. Driven by the indefatigable belief in theatre’s mysterious healing properties, she demands authenticity in the stories we tell ourselves and strives to engage communities with public and free art.

Her work has been produced in the Czech Republic, Germany, England, Scotland, as well as in the United States. In 2016, she co-founded an international theatre company, Static Assembly, which aims at facilitating the creative collaboration between artists of differing mediums, career levels, aesthetics, and geographies. This group went on to produce the international Fringe circuit tour of "Edison," and her first solo-piece, "Kiki," which premiered at the 16th Prague Fringe Festival.

Aside from directing, Sandy is also pursuing an individual case study on performance and community engagement with U.S. Homeland Security on the migrant crisis in Italy, which she began in 2016. As a dual resident, Sandy is happy to pursue theatre in both the U.S. and Europe, creating work in light of both complicated landscapes.

Inspired by a ferocious generation of young artists, she utilizes many minds to create earnest and relevant work supported by courage, discipline, and radical intellect.